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Why Seal ? People often ask me this question and the reasons are many depending on what surface your looking to seal. 

For example if we take a block paved driveway. Many of us own blocked paved areas and their populatity is on the increase. When laid these areas look fantastic but in a surprisingly short amount of time they start to loose their colour, pick up lots of dirt and commonly start sprouting weeds , moss and lichens. 

Those of us who have spent many a weekend clearing these joints with domestic equipment wonder wether we would have bothered paying thousands of pounds for this inconvenience if we had known before hand.

Sealing block paving with a quality sealer will minimise it’s future maintenance, significantly enhance its appearance, provide structural stability and set the jointing sand rock hard so making it exceptionally tough for weeds to penetrate the joints whilst remaining semi porous to assist drainage. The sealer will protect the blocks from UV light and fading, offer stain protection and a significant reduction in algae, moss and lichen attachment. Future cleaning will be so mush easier. These products are also available in several different finishes.

In the case of natural stone surfaces like patio’s the reasons and benefits are similar to the previous example But these solvent free products are not designed to harden Jointing media like sand. These sealers are also available in a range of different finishes including some with colour enhancement.

Feel free to look at examples of projects that we have sealed in our gallery or contact us for further information.

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Essentially sealing your outside area will enhance its appearance whilst offering various protective factors that will significantly reduce its requirement for future maintenance and extend its lifespan.

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